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Top 10 labour and delivery bag MUST haves for mommy | Bouncing Bean Co.

My very first hospital bag had EVERYTHING to do with baby and NOTHING to do with Mommy! 

It wasn't until after I had sent my husband home 10-15 times in the course of our 3 night stay in Labour and Delivery to get anything and everything I needed but had forgotten.

Let's face it, our new unborn babies are sometimes all we can think about so when it comes to prepping a hospital bag before our baby is due, who are we usually thinking about? You guessed it...BABY!

That's ok though, this mommy has your back, and I wanted to share with you some basics that I COMPLETELY forgot at home and some things I found useful during my stay.


#1 LANOLIN BALM - This is a great product for multiple reasons, first, let me tell you, as a brand new breastfeeding mom, who had just went through over 24/hrs of hard, heavy breathing, LIP LICKING labour, your lips and nipples are going to thank you!

Also, I cannot tell you how many times I washed my hands after my son arrived because I was a GERMAPHOBE (no shame) but my hands became SO chapped that I sent my poor husband home to get ours and let me tell you, it's a chapped knuckle lifesaver!

Preservative Free and Hypoallergenic, My personal favorite Lanolin balm is by Parent's Choice

You can find this one and many others at your local Walmart for under $10.

A couple other fantastic brands that I have used and loved such as Lansinoh and Medela will also give you the same comfort and results.


#2 Your Own Toiletries - After birth is difficult, but using adult Depends will make your stay a lot easier.

If you don't want to go the Depends route, the hospital will provide you with pads but these Always Overnight Maxi Pads were my next "go to" for comfort.

P.S. You might consider bringing your own toilet paper and bathing towels also. Get something Ultra-soft because you will more than likely be very sensitive and most towels at the hospitals are really thin and scratchy.


#3 Phone Charger/ Tablet - During my first go around, I made the mistake of not bringing a tablet or phone charger so not only did my husband have to share his, I was left with nothing to watch but the clock for awhile. If you opt in for the epidural, time seems to stand still and passing the time by watching a movie or by playing some fun coloring games on your tablet or phone will help things "seem" like they are progressing faster. That is, if your visitors give you the chance.

I am not sure how many are like me but I am a very anxious individual even on a good so but playing a coloring game on my tablet or phone was really relaxing and helps reduce some stress. I hope you can give it a shot and see if it would help yours too!


#4 Going home outfit (for you AND baby) x 3 - My most recent birth, when I was finally able to get out of that awful hospital gown, I put on one of my favorite shirts (which was white by the way) and within an hour, I had blood, spit-up, food and who knows what else all over the front. (Don't wear white after Labour Day....Literally) My son was squeaky clean but I, was not. Which makes me want to say how important it is to bring you and your baby at least 3 outfit changes.


#5 Announcement Onesie® - OK, I know not everyone is going to want to do this in the aftermath of having a baby but if I had I been making these before I had kids, this adorable, "Hello, I'm new here" Onesie® would have been my go to for announcing my kid's birth to the world!

#6 Bathrobe, Blanket, Pillow - You would be surprised how many moms I have talked to who either, forgot or didn't think to pack either of these items INCLUDING myself, so...back home my husband went!

The blankets provided in the hospital are...O.K. but they are just that, O.K. and they definitely won't bring you the comfort of home like your own blanket, robe or pillow would.


#7 Slippers and knee high socks - You will more than likely be moving around so getting yourself a nice comfy pair of slippers will go a long way in terms of comfort.

Want to know another great tip? If your hospital is like mine, you will not be able to wear pants during labour (BIG BUMMER) so when it's go time you might be left feeling a little vulnerable and...well...drafty.

One tip that I picked up on? Thigh high socks! You wouldn't believe how just a little bit of leg coverage could be so comforting. 

#8 Snacks - Pack lots of them! Try packing snacks that are high in protein also, like Beef jerky to help keep your energy up.

#9 Nursing Tank top - Many would tell you to bring a bra, although I recommend bringing one of those too, I'd try bringing a nursing tank top also.

You might have a lot of visitors coming and going all to see you and that new precious baby and while the bra is great, there is an extra layer to get past if you are wanting to wear a shirt. Having this tank top will make covering up a breeze when a surprise visitor shows up. 

#10 Leggings - Another must have is a nice pair of Postpartum leggings. Things are going to feel like they are falling out of you so having a pair to help keep everything feeling like it'll stay in one place will also be a huge comfort factor.


I hoped this helped you or atleast sparked some ideas on things to bring with you. Remember Mom's, We deserve a bag too!



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